September 2002

Earlier wander about in Snowdonia. See earlier in blog at:

Gosh! that was a trek.

Now on National Trust bit at Rowlee Pasture. SK 155904. at 447m. Ladybower Reservoir to east. Edale plateu flats behind me to west.

Sun just visable behind Mam Tor. Wind and a little chill getting up. So going down now.

More, via my WAP phone.

Been out and about on Bradfield Moor. Ordanace Survey Ref: SK 230925.

Weather man lies again. really cloudy.

This message via my WAP phone. On to Derwent Moor shortly. SK 205885. 450m

Peak District National Park Authority

Edale 01433670207

Upper Derwent Valley 01433650953 (Fairholmes)

also the Ranger Service

Tried to get a specific weather forecast from the Met Office for the Peak District, but only general regional forecasts are available. Useless, I pointed out, since weather in Sheffield and Manchester, can be really different.

So, apparently, I get the individual services of Met Officer, at £17.00 a throw.

The Peak Authority said the only other thing to do, was ring the Ranger Service at Edale 01433 670216

who get the latest detailed forecast, faxed through, for the Met Office, themselves. so they pay the £17.00, I expect. Not as good a service as what I got, few weeks ago, in Snowdonia.

The other option, fellow walkers, is to send a text message to the weather centre and get a forcast for the next few hours. The service is described here: —

Mobile Text Forecast:

Type in wthr4 (either upper or lower case) followed by a space then enter either a full UK postcode (with no spaces) or type in a UK city, town or village name.

An example using a postcode: wthr4 S330BJ

or using a UK city, town or village name: wthr4 Edale

BT Cellnet, send to: 2638

* * * *

As an example of this service, here is the text message, the Met Office returned to me for a 6 hour period:

EDALE 28/09:


1pm-bright dry,

2pm-bright dry,

3pm-bright dry,

4pm-cloudy dry,

5pm-cloudy dry;

12 to 14 C

Punk Bands – Newtown, Wales

A little ancient history. These snaps from the early 1980’s.

Have recently heard from one of these chaps, Tranny, and reminded me that you should see some of these styles. Was quite involved at the time, and helped to get and run a space for the youth of the town, to get space to practice and make a some noise. The local youth service hated it, and, needless to say, they tried to be quite obstructive.

Newtown, Powys. Mid-Wales. This is the region I and my family lived, before I came to Nottingham, to do my Photo-degree at University here. Look forward to getting in touch again.

Harry and Jack at the Montgomery Festival

And these shots of “The Subversives” and Tranny, performing in the Cowshed, Upper Weeg, Dolfor and the Bunker in Newtown, Powys.

As I said in starting, these picture were taken in the early 1980’s. Gosh! 20years ago now.

Have just done an internet search, and see they are not “The Subversives” any more, but, have transmogrified into “Smoke Like a Fish”

A brief history of SLAF (written circa 1999)

Smoke Like a Fish are a skapunky collaboration that pumps the offbeat religiously behind the storming harmony vocals and catchy tunes.

They were originally formed a few years back (about seven i think) in Newtown, Mid-Wales

and enjoyed a classic 3 years or so of magical manic gigs up and down the country.

The line-up at that time after initial tinkering was fronted by the super energetic MAXPOTATO-vocals,

TRANNY-guitar& backing-vocals,NICK-keyboards,STEVE-bass,T.H.PHONES- rhythym guitar & non stop bazaar dancing

and NEIL(fluff) -drums.The line-up became a seven piece later on when they came across BEARD THOMAS

an “ex” Newtown silver band failure! who was a gifted cronky trumbone player,an ancient art mastered by a few gifted individuals (mainly in Switzerland). But sadly this line-up came to an abrupt end, when MAX broke STEVES jaw at the end of a gig in their home town after an argument about the bazaar events surrounding their encore for that evening.

So, there you have it!

Castlemortons Postman just dropped into my guestbook

My guestbook

Great site Tash. Good effort. I remember Castlemorton as being better than all the overrated, over regylated Glastonbury,s rolled into one. I’m from Malvern and eight years later found myself as Castlemorton Commons postman. I,d ask the customers about the festy and I can assure you their memories were,nt warm. Did I let on about my minor roll in the most hedonistic gathering in living memory? What do you think?

Brim Korea –

ay up Tash,nice one.Lovely to see some familiar faces and silly clothes again,T and i are having a right good browse through some of our past and ive spotted me stripey top peeping out from behind a bunch of gurners at sponge…..hooray.were now looking for T’s hobnail boots in a pile of mud in bath or derbyshire or sommink,but i don’t think she was ever there…..prove it T ,rival my stripey top!maybe see u around again soon.boing,vic and Tvic

nottm, UK –

This is just a short test from nottingham centre. via my WAP phone. its about nothing!

Guardian competition: Best Britist Blog. And the winner is .. ..

The Guardian held a competition to find the Best Britist Blog. The winners have just been announced. I entered, but wasn’t one of them …. He ho. No £1000 for me. This was My entry Details, made, back on the 4th September.

and the winner is .. ..

The duck of the draw

Simon Waldman reveals who has won Guardian Unlimited’s Best British blog competition

Thursday September 26, 2002

The Guardian

And the winner is… a duck. A Scary Duck to be precise: Alistair Coleman’s witty, irreverent blog has beaten 300 rivals to take the title of Best British Blog 2002 and claim the prize of £1,000.

His blog features intelligent, confessional and entertaining rambles on everything from September 11, nuclear war and football hooliganism to the latest antics of a local dolphin nicknamed Randy.

It impressed the judges with its originality and personality: one described it as: “magnificent – well-written, focused and insightful”. Another said: “The best writer of the bunch, the content is excellent.”,3605,798749,00.html

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