August 2002

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So, if all goes to plan, we can watch the burn webcast at tomorrow, Sunday. So far though, trying to find details and comms from all this, seem to be really hard. Well, bearing inmind were they are, and what they’re doing, not so supprising eh?

A past archive of previous Burning Man Events, can be seen at

A Brief History of Burning Man:

and for completeness, here is a link to stuff on events added earlier:

and the Cyberbuss contibution to all this at:

Burning Man 2002 – Webcast from Black Rock City

The Burning Man 2002 Webcast is (supposed to be) available at the following URL:

‘Direct Link’ to stream, using QuickTime.


QuickTime Player is required. Have yet to have it connect (keep getting server not found errors or, the latest RealPlayer wants to try to play it.)

Spyware Trojan sends info back, on internet activity on a ‘target’

“eBlaster records their e-mails, chats, instant messages, Web sites visited and keystrokes typed — and then automatically sends this recorded information to your own e-mail address,”

Here’s a piece of software that will make any decent human being vomit. Proudly marketed by spyware outfit SpectorSoft, it’s a lowlife Trojan called eBlaster which you can e-mail to anyone in the world and log their keystrokes, and force their POP mail and Hotmail and Yahoo Web mail accounts to copy to you, everything going on at the target machine.

“eBlaster records their e-mails, chats, instant messages, Web sites visited and keystrokes typed — and then automatically sends this recorded information to your own e-mail address,” the company proudly states.

It’s marketed as a ‘tool’ for over-protective parents and savvy employers, but it’s basically a script-kiddie toy which can be delivered surreptitiously to a victim. The potential for abuse is extraordinary, but the company makes no mention of that. They merely warn that if you don’t own the computer you infect with their Trojan, you’re violating their terms. Surely that stern warning should discourage the malevolent well enough. [yea right].

It’s all part of a growing, set piece where the private communications of human beings is seen as ‘abuse’ on the job.

Wot Free Festivals? A further rant, from Tash

Personally, I come from a free festivals and travelling background. New Age Travellers etc. A number of sayings have helped guide my life over time. Like….

Bring what you expect to find?

If no you, who?

If not now, when?

If not here, where?

In sum, this means self-reliance. It means gigs are ALWAYS better, when people attending don’t just attend , but are a main part of the act. It is obvious to all those there, when this magic happens.

This is actually where I came in. 1972 Windsor, Stonehenge etc….. These were my motives then and remain so now.

Of course the authorities have difficulty with a system that means they are not in sole charge, hence all the law and violence since the Beanfield etc……

Over time, I have been involved I raising awareness about the law changes and their implications to us all.

· Public Order Act 1986

· Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

· Noise Act

· Barry Legg MP: Places of Entertainments (Increased Penalty) Act

· Security Services Act

And now all the Acts that have been going through parliament – with the words:

“conduct by a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose” being a new definition of serious crime!!!

With the new definition of serious crime, that enable the use of some ‘heavier’ police departments to be applied against us. And will be the end of all the RTS and similar gigs.

Shame eh?

Now, in ‘rave mode’, I have spent time with the Velvet Revolution and All Systems gigs, I had written ‘Sound Advice’ and the ‘Right to Party’ – to try and raise these matters in peoples minds.

Well, we have lost each of the matters I’m on about here. Whoever you vote for, the government gets in!

What I am absolutely positive about though, is that people involved in the scene,


People have to realise that self-interest and their own immediate happiness ( hedonism?), is not enough to make a festival, party rave, traveller site, gathering.

Important, but not enough.

Some folks on reading this will have been too young, to have had any objection to these changes as they have happened over recent years. But many others of you will have been there, and should have been ‘able’.

The way parties are now organised, between those trying to conform with some pretty onerous conditions, (ie half to 2/3 of a ticket price to ‘self-police’ and pay for your own public order management and drug search.!) and those involved with the ‘free’ end of things but at continued ‘personal’ rather than ‘sheared’ risks.

This division is of course orchestrated by the other side.

This old hippy / raver? Is now of the opinion that folk have now got the party they deserve.


‘BlogThis’ Right-click and IE6 browser

When i first set up blogger, was invited to enable ‘Right click – Blog This!

However, using Internet Explorer 6, have always found that the right-click version of BlogThis gives you a script error everywhere except at The un-Official Blogger FAQ has a fix.

More discussion at:$15

This service is now updated, so, you don’t have to mess with the registry as this lot describes. Download the auto-fixes from here:

Have tried all this since, and it’s wonderful. Works for BlogQuote also.

:: SchNEWS :: Peat Alert Mass Trespass

This is all happening now ….!

Peat Alert are continuing to take action against the extraction of the world’s best existing carbon sinks – peat bogs. There will be a mass trespass of a peat moor near Doncaster on the 25th August, transport available. And another Peat Action Camp from 28 August – 1 September, with talks, actions and nails in the coffin of Scotts (the peat extracting company). For details tel: 0778 778 2259

Cambridge clubs mice

“Researchers” at Cambridge university play dance music to mice on speed. BBC News story Shock! Horror! Some of them died after getting down to some Prodigy.

They weren’t let into the little chill out rooms, and all the water taps in the toilets were hot. To set this all in perspective some other mice were forced to listen to Bach, on speed too. Well… they died too. Who knows what sort of music mice get into and what they would listen to by choice whilst doing class A’s.

The experiment in which mice were killed with loud dance music after being given amphetamines has been attacked by the Home Office.

Cambridge University scientists involved in the study have received an official reprimand, it was revealed on Monday.

However, anti-vivisection campaigners have described this as a "slap on the wrist", saying that the team should have been prosecuted for animal cruelty. The experiments, led by Dr Jenny Morton, involved 238 mice, some of whom were given the drugs and then exposed to music from the dance group The Prodigy at high volume. Seven died, and some others were left brain damaged. Some others who were exposed to the classical composer Bach instead also died.

Now really!! Where does this get us, in any further understanding ???

This is a space









for art reasons …… ……. …… !

While the Countryside March is in town on September 22nd ? new ‘Digger’ Events.

some discussion of ‘doing a digger’, while the countryside alliance are in town. Thought you might like to see, some of my work from the Digger anniversay bash at St Georges hill on Saturday the 3rd of April 1999, to commenerate Gerard Winnstanley and the 350th Anniversary of the Diggers (1st April 1649).

Adding to discussion on the Yahoo ‘Counter-Culture’ Group.

You may be aware that the so-called ‘Countryside March’ is due to take place in London on September 22nd. I hear a group of folks are planning a response to this invasion of the land snatchers in the form of a piece of direct action aimed at one of the Countryside Alliance’s prime movers. It is intend to move onto his estate on the same day he and his toff chums are stomping through London. Once there, to establish an autonomous community in the spirit of Winstanley and the Diggers.

As well as providing the politically appropriate moment to make such a gesture, the occasion of the march gives us a unique window of opportunity; i.e., while the toffs and their army of vassals, gamekeepers and forelock-tuggers are away, we can play!

Had initially assumed that we were the only ones to have this brilliant idea. It now seems that we were somewhat misguided in this conceit. Without being specific, it has come to our notice that other activist groups have also decided to take advantage of the enemy’s absence by organising a number of independent actions aimed at reoccupying our stolen common treasury.

Anyway, all of this has got us thinking and here’s our latest brilliant idea: why not take the May-Day Monopoly concept and apply it to the entire country? Multiple independent actions carried out in a variety of locations across the country by unconnected affinity groups are likely to be easier and far more effective than they ever were within the heavily policed confines of London. The vast (and empty) acres of the countryside on Sept 22nd will provide a fertile environment for autonomous action.

So if you really want to stop the Alliance, don’t go to London to yah-boo them, they’ll be expecting that and they’ll have their police to protect them anyway; no, get out into the countryside and hit them where it really hurts -in their own back yard! If you’re not already involved in something, why not get together with your friends and form your own local action group? After all, you’re not likely to have to travel very far. A huge percentage of the UK is still ‘owned’ by these parasites, there’s bound to be some of them near you.

When planning your demo it is imperative that you avoid falling into the trap of making a generalised attack on the countryside and country folk. To do so would be to do the Alliance’s work for them. Their whole strategy is based on maximising the division between town and country and thus obscuring their real objectives (the maintenance of privilege and land enclosure) by mixing and confusing them with other issues over which many ordinary country dwellers feel real and justified anger. Rather, your action should be aimed at highlighting how the class interests of this minority are opposed to the rest of society. Regardless of whether you’re a farm labourer or an urban factory worker, you have nothing in common with someone who is a millionaire because his ancestors stole his wealth and position for him for him. Small farmers are struggling because of the monopolistic practices of supermarkets, the concentration of subsidies into large farms and the imposition of vile systems of animal husbandry that have led to the catastrophes we are all familiar with. Such people don’t have common interests with the toff who takes the rent. The breaking of this false alliance should be should be the main thrust of our action and should inform everything we do.

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

Chris Stewart’s A Parrot in the Pepper Tree follows the lives of Chris, Ana and their daughter, Chloe, on their farm, as they get to grips with a misanthropic parrot who joins their home, Spainish school life, neighbours in love, journalists beating a path to their door…and the shock that their beloved valley might once more be under threat of being engulfed by a dam. It’s also looks back on Chris Stewart’s former life – the hard times shearing in midwinter Sweden (and driving across the frozen sea to reach island farms); his first taste of Spain, learning flamenco guitar as a 20-year old; and his illustrious music career, drumming for his school band Genesis (sacked at 17, he never quite became Phil Collins), and then for Sir Robert Fossett’s circus.

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree is the BBC Radio 4 ‘ Book of the Week ‘, this week.

Episodes 1 – 5 [ Real Player required ]

1 2 3 4 5

These links available for you to listen to whenever you like: the reading will be available here for seven days after broadcast.

Well, gosh, hello. It’s me, friendly Chris, the bloke who wrote that book about moving to Spain. It did so well, you know, that my publisher reckoned I should have another go.

So what can I tell you this time, then? Not so long ago I went up to do some sheep shearing in northern Sweden and my car broke down. I could have frozen to death, but luckily I didn’t as a mechanic was able to fix it.

Domingo, my neighbour in the valley, married a Swedish sculptress and he has turned out to be a pretty good artist himself. Not bad for a shepherd, eh?

It’s weird, you know, the more I get into this writing lark the less I feel like doing chores around the farm. I even paid Manolo to help out, and I felt terribly guilty when he’d been slaving for four hours and all I’d done was type a chapter heading.

A couple of years ago, we all got telephones in the valley for the first time, and it felt really strange to be able to talk to people back home without seeing them. The telephone also caused loads of hilarious misunderstandings at first.

“There’s a man calling,” shouted Ana, my wife. “Says his name is Leaf of the Male.” It turned out that it was actually William Leith, one of the Mail on Sunday’s top reporters, who wanted to interview me about my first book. What a hoot!

Leith turned up several hours late and drank all my beer, but he turned out to be a good bloke and asked some really searching questions. “What’s your name?” he slurred. “How many times have you been burgled here? And what’s all this about you playing for Genesis?”

Yes, it’s true. I was the original drummer for Peter Gabriel’s band at Charterhouse. I got kicked out before they became famous and Peter gave me £300 not to make a fuss. What a nice bloke. I later went on to play the drums for Bob Fossett’s circus.

How am I doing? Ah, you’re still awake, but don’t worry, not long to go now. I went to Spain to study flamenco when I was young and I’m still very keen on it.

One winter it rained a lot and we didn’t have much money but we were still very happy. By the way, we’ve got frogs in our swimming pool. Chris Stewart

Can buy it from Amazon: A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

Recent Guestbook entires of note!

Having got the guestbook up and running again, a couple of recent entries made my little chest, swell with pride!! This one from, who appears to be an ‘ordinary gezzer’. He can see that you don’t have to love someone, to see that minorities need sticking up for.

He said:

“A recent gathering of travellers at Skegness over the Christmas period and the inevitable press hysteria prompted me to search for more information on the subject. I am impressed with your website which has reinforced a long held belief that the CJA has done more harm than good, not only for the travellers but local residents. I am quite happy to remain a ‘conventional’ citizen but have strong feelings about all sorts of phobias and racist attitudes. I have drawn the attention of the local paper to your website in the hope that they may learn before blanket criticism is directed against people who have as much right to follow their way of life as I have to follow mine.

Michael Chandler

Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire UK “.

My ego got the better of me, and I have to show you this one, recently arrived. Such eloquence:




pompano beach , fl usa

Dave Gorman’s Important Astrology Experiment

Dave Gorman [he of ‘My Name is Dave Gorman’ fame], is returning for a new series. I went off about this chap in my blog, month or so ago now. He is one of the funniest man have seen in a long while. Timing and delivary, splendid!

New series starts this Sunday on BBC2 at 10.40pm and runs for 6 weeks

Short Preview on BBC: ‘Improvisation, lets you dance away from trouble’.

From Dave Gorman

I trust this finds you all well and happy. I’ve just returned from a brief trip to Edinburgh. From the e-mails I’ve received, it seems many of you were there too.

But this is just a reminder that the new series – Dave Gormans Important Astrology Experiment – starts this Sunday at 10.40pm and runs for 6 weeks.

The advance reaction seems to be really good with Time Out making it the cover of their TV section, a Critic’s Choice and giving the show a very flattering listing while Heat have given it 5 stars and says, “As stale formulas increasingly govern the schedules, it’s a delight to see something so fresh”. Basically, the mood in the camp is good.

There’s a page of information about the show on my website at: and there’s some more on the BBC’s webpages, including a short clip from one of the shows at:

I need some sleep now.



Dave Gorman’s Webcam

Added IRC Chat Room and re-vamped my Guestbook. is an IRC Chat service that enables a chat applet to be added to webpages.

They say “is a feature-rich, IRC-compliant web interface. It allows real-time chat on a web page, in conjunction with a web server run by our affiliate The Java client is designed to “spice” up your web page by adding on-line interactivity.”

I have signed up for the service at: I have registered my nickname ‘tash’ and the room at ‘#Tash-UK’. This is my room on the IRC server at:

Have now created my IRC Chat page within my site at:

The guestbook is now back in action, up and running and at:

Please check all this out, as you like.

Burning Man Calendar of Events

To remind, the dates are: August 26 – September 2, 2002

This pages, gives an idea of what they’re up to on a daily basis:

Time Lapse of the Burning Man Events

A Timewave Panorama of Burning Man 2002 Showing the Rise and Fall of Black Rock City

Folding-Time making preparation for a time-lapse series of photography of the event.

Installation and Technology: Technology Link Burning Man Time Navigators have installed a highly sophisticated yet ruggedized computer controlled, time-lapse photography system to capture the rolling waves of growth and destruction that are the essence of Black Rock City. Four different views capture a significant portion of citizen activity of every hour of every day for up to four weeks.

Folding-Time Video: Once recorded and edited, we will see within one hour the civilization organism emerge, grow and teem with inhabitants, and then disappear without a trace. We will see the sun and the darkness, buildings and events, storms and dust, night lights, fires and The Burn.

Folding-Time will provide spectacular and moving footage for future media use as well as an interactive artistic component that would allow Black Rock citizens the opportunity to interact and participate in Folding-Time.

With the chap doing the panoramas, I think I’m inspired!

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