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Reality bytes

Forget Big Brother and the endless celebrity exposés- the true home of reality TV is on the internet. John Plunkett on the web technology that aims to bring home the issues that matter,7558,764719,00.html

OneWorld TV

is a collaborative project, a continuously evolving body of stories created by you. The following pages provide the tools you need to upload your own clips. You can create new stories or use other peoples clips to develop existing storylines. Introduce new evidence, personal testimonies or a different perspective.

OneWorld TV involves many layers – you can watch, explore or create stories, join the discussion forums, share ideas and tips and help build a vibrant online video community. Please tell us what you think so we can make these help pages as useful as possible.


One World International has been developing its use of video on the web over the last 12 months, in the belief that it represents a powerful tool for amplifying a diversity of voices. However, we realised that people do not want to watch 30 minute documentaries on their computer screens. So we have tried to develop a way of presenting video more appropriate to the net and more effective in communicating for social change. One World TV takes an innovative step beyond simple webcasting by providing an interactive forum for collaborative storytelling on a global scale.